Pickups and special microphones for musical instruments

Good live music thrives on the fact that all instruments together form a balanced sound image. While guitars are either wired or connected by wireless connection and a drum kit is virtually stationary, instruments such as saxophone or accordion are always in motion. If these are picked up with a microphone on a tripod, there are often large fluctuations in volume and sound. Avoiding this and delivering an optimal sound is the task of our pickups and special microphones, which we present to you here.

Tonabnehmer für Klarinetten und Saxopohn Rumberger K1X II


Professional pickup for woodwind instruments

TA3000eco treble microphone system for accordion and harmonica


Professional discant-microphone system for accordion and harmonica
WP-1X miniature mouthpiece pickup for woodwind instruments


Miniature mouthpiece pickup for woodwind instruments


Professional built-in microphone system for accordion and harmonica

TA3000X microphone system for accordion and harmonica


Professional microphone system for accordion and harmonica
CBM-1 microphone for cajon and bass drum


Professional microphone for cajon and bass drum

Pickups for clarinet, saxophone and other woodwind instruments

A pickup is an electro-acoustic transducer that converts mechanical vibrations into electrical signals. The most famous pickup can be found on the turntable. Here a needle scans the plate groove. The resulting deflections are then converted into weak electrical signals, equalized and amplified.

With our pickups for woodwind instruments such as clarinet and saxophone we use the term “pickups”, but the sound is not taken from structure-borne sound, but from the extremely high sound pressure that prevails inside the instruments. Due to the enormously high sound pressure in the clarinet, a piezo diaphragm is set in motion and this vibration is converted into an electrical signal.

For the amplification of the sound pressure, an additional sleeve is soldered on the saxophone by an expert, into which the pickup is inserted. The clarinet, on the other hand, has a hole drilled into the bulb to fit the pickup sleeve. If you want to play without a pickup, you have to close the opening with the enclosed stopper.

For all musicians who don’t want to drill their instrument body, there is a miniature mouthpiece pickup. Due to its extremely small size, it can be installed in (almost) all mouthpieces of woodwind instruments. This pickup is not designed for a change of the instrument.

Special microphones for harmonica and accordion

Our special microphones for harmonica and accordion,on the other hand, pick up the sound directly on the instrument and amplify it electrically. The proximity to the sound source provides a very clean, direct signal and there are virtually no problems with feedback from a stage monitor or other sources of interference. Unwanted structure-borne sound due to keyboard or flap noises is extremely minimized by our special structure-borne sound attenuation.

The microphones used for harmonikas or accordions are attached directly to the instrument by means of screws, special adhesive tapes or magnetic holders. If a bass microphone is optionally installed, a connection is made inside the accordion or harmonica, so that the bass microphone remains invisible from the outside.

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