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Dear customers,

We are very pleased that more and more high-ranking artists are playing our microphones for accordion and harmonica as well as our pickups for clarinet and saxophone.

We are particularly pleased that Herbert Pixner has now equipped his three harmonicas with our microphone system TA3000X. Above all, he was convinced by the perfect bass response that no other system offers. The installation at Herbert Pixner’s harmonicas was realized as follows:

The bass (SBE-2 bass microphone) was installed in all three harmonicas. A special bellows feed-through directs the bass signal to the treble side. The TA3000X microphone system itself is mounted using a magnetic holder. Under the hood of the harmonicas extremely strong neodymium magnets were installed, which hold the microphone firmly to the hood. This allows the TA3000X to be removed quickly and used on all three harmonicas as required.

But also many other artists like Florian Riedl, Martin Kälberer, Andreas Hinterseher from “Quadro Nuevo”, Hans Förg from “Die Cubaboarischen” or Kastulus Maier from “Hallgrafen Musikanten” are among our customers.

But no matter if you are a professional or a hobby player – we ALWAYS do our best and try to find the perfect solution for every musician.

There are again some innovations in our pickups for woodwind instruments in the final stage of development. Only today we did a few tests with Hans Förg – with very satisfactory results. So you can be curious! 🙂

Your team of Rumberger Soundproducts