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Microphone for Cajon and bass drum

Cajon and bass drum microphoneing uncomplicated – with the Cajon CBM-1 microphone we have the solution

Up to now it has always been a big challenge when you wanted to mike a Cajon or bass drum well. In order to get a powerful, perceptible “kick”, it was often necessary to trick. Even two microphones were often used in a bass drum to bring the entire sound spectrum to the PA. That’s history now! Like all Rumberger sound products, the CBM-1 stands for easy operation, natural sound and the best stage performance. Therefore it was developed in cooperation with the professionals of the PUR Cajon Manufaktur and was carefully designed to meet all the wishes and suggestions of musicians.

Advantages of the CBM-1 compared to conventional boundary layer microphones

  • Perfectly tuned sound for Cajon and bass drum (no EQ required at the mixer)
  • very small construction
  • different mounting methods
  • very low feedback
  • Attenuation switch (-6 dB)
Cajon microfone CBM-1

Immediately usable in every Cajon

The CBM-1 can be used immediately in every Cajon without any modifications. Just lay it on the floor in the Cajon and let’s go. Alternatively, the microphone can be placed sideways in the Cajon. A velcro pad is glued to the inner wall and the CBM-1 can be placed.

The microphone can also be used in (almost) every bass drum without any problems. Most bass drums have a sound hole in the resonance head. The CBM-1 can be inserted into the bass drum through this hole – and off you go.



Ideal for use on stage or in the studio

Basically, the Cajon Micro CBM-1 was developed for live performance: Just put it into the Cajon, connect it to a PA system and you get a nice, balanced sound between snare (due to the snare mechanism inside the Cajon) and kick (bass).

The CBM-1 is also ideal for recording applications in private or professional studios. It doesn’t always require complex pickup with an interface and an additional condenser microphone to get a balanced sound. With our microphone for Cajon and bass drum you get the perfect solution.



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CBM-1 Microphone for Cajon and bass drum


Professional microphone for Cajon and bass drum