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Pickups for clarinet, saxophone and other woodwind instruments

Easy pickup of clarinet and saxophone – with Rumberger pickups for woodwind instruments

Why should it be the K1X pickup for clarinet and saxophone? Any clarinet and saxophone player who has ever played live over an amplifier system knows that it is extremely difficult to pick up a clarinet or saxophone with a conventional microphone. Either the high notes are too soft, the low notes are too soft, or there are feedback problems. Good, powerful and rich monitor sound for the clarinettist or saxophonist – no sound at all. One can only dream of the uniformity of all tones across the entire sound spectrum. Often (with conventional microphoneing) the sound engineer also has to struggle with a lot of background noise from the stage monitor and the other instruments.

All these problems with clarinet and saxophone miking have been a thing of the past since the first Rumberger pickup for clarinet, the K1, was developed! Removing a clarinet or saxophone has never been so easy and effective! Whether on a small or large stage, low or high volume level, amateur or professional musician: our K1X pickup for clarinet and saxophone is THE solution for your perfect, uncomplicated live performance with woodwind instruments!

Mouthpiece pickup Rumberger WP-1X
Pickup for clarinet and saxophone Rumberger K1X

Advantages of the pickups K1X and WP-1X compared to conventional microphones

The advantages compared to a conventional condenser microphone are obvious:

  •  absolutely even pickup of all tones
  • natural sound
  • NO feedback
  • complete freedom of movement, ready for uncomplicated wireless operation
  • playing with effects device possible
  • no annoying ambient noise
  • powerful monitor sound
  • use in several instruments (only Rumberger K1X)…

to name just a few.

Pickups with many different usage- and connection options

Our clarinet and saxophone pickups are suitable for almost all clarinets and saxophones: Bb-clarinet, Eb-clarinet, bass clarinet, soprano, alto, tenor, baritone and bass saxophone – a perfect replacement for a conventional clarinet or saxophone microphone.

Of course, there are also various connection options. Included in delivery is a cable with phantom power adapter. This can be extended with any conventional microphone cable and connected to common mixing consoles with 48V phantom power. For wireless operation, there are appropriate adapter cables (Sennheiser, Shure and AKG wireless systems). If you like to play with an effect device, our pickups are also the best choice. The optional passive cable allows you to connect the pickup systems to an effects device and there are no problems with feedback even at high volume levels.

What is the difference between the pickups K1X and WP-1X?

The main difference between the two pickups is the mounting. The K1X is a change-over system. This means that a sleeve is inserted into the bulb of the clarinet or into the S-neck of a saxophone. The pickup is inserted into this sleeve and you can start playing. If the pickup is not in use, you can close the opening with a stopper.

The WP-1X pickup, on the other hand, is permanently mounted in the instrument. Due to the extreme miniaturization, we can integrate the WP-1X into the mouthpiece, which means that the instrument body does not have to be drilled.

Our pickups for clarinet, saxophone etc.

K1X pickups for woodwind instruments


Professional pickup for woodwind instruments

WP-1X miniature mouthpiece pickup for woodwind instruments


Miniature mouthpiece pickup for woodwind instruments