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K1X – Pickup systems for clarinet and saxophone



natural sound
highest quality workmanship
Evenly distributed pickup down to the lowest frequencies
no detuning of the instrument
ideal for wireless operation
no feedback
complete freedom of movement on stage
bass control knob
minimal structure-borne sound absorption
Quick change mechanism (use in several instruments possible)

Pickup K1X on a clarinet
Pickup K1X on a saxophone

Prices K1X


Scope of delivery:

Pickup K1X, stopper, nickel silver sleeve, phantom power adapter, transport case, special grease, screwdriver, operating and installation instructions

recommended retail price incl. 19% VAT

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Optional accessories

AFK-K1 Cable for wireless operation, open end, ca. 1m
AFK-K1_AKG Cable for wireless operation with plug for AKG-Wireless-Systems
AFK-K1_Shure Cable for wireless operation with plug for Shure-Wireless-Systems
AFK-K1_Sennheiser Cable for wireless operation with plug for Sennheiser-Wireless-Systems
PA-K1 Active cable, XLR connector, contains the electronics for impedance matching, (included 1x in the complete set already)
PK-K1 Passive cable, 6.3 mm mono jack plug connection for special applications, e. g. effect devices with high-impedance connection

recommended retail price incl. 19% VAT