Our mission statement

Who we are

We are the heads behind Rumberger Soundproducts with heart and passion – a colourful team of active musicians. The influence of different styles, the knowledge of how musicians “tick” as well as the affinity for technology unites us and our individual competencies to concentrated team strength.

How it all began

The family tradition has already laid music in the cradle of Emmeran, Stephan and Peter Rumberger. When the brothers founded the company in 1991, they made their dream of a family-owned music store a reality. This dream is still true today, so that Rumberger Musikinstrumente Vertriebs GmbH has established itself as a permanent authority in the area of accordions, harmonicas, electric pianos and sound systems in the region of Chiemgau and beyond.

What we do

Years of experience in the field of electronics and instrument repair, close contact and exchange with customers, well-founded knowledge in the field of precision mechanics and electronics, as well as innovative and application-oriented thinking allowed only one consequence:

Our own development, construction and production of special pickups and microphones for hard-to-amplify instruments as a solution-oriented answer to the very limited market supply. In this way, we are able to overcome existing boundaries and continue to define standards.

Our goal

On the one hand, we aim to further optimize our pickups and microphones in order to offer you products with the highest possible performance. Furthermore, we are committed to pioneering work in this field in order to continue to create new solutions in the future.

Our way

Through intensive customer contact we know where the shoe pinches and understand how to convert your wishes into high-end products. Your requirements are our motivation!

Our values 

Our mission statement - Rumberger Soundproducts

Quality: Our aim is the highest sound quality, close to a studio microphone, through precise workmanship, high-quality materials and state-of-the-art technology.

Reliability: Our products are designed to serve you as a long-lasting, reliable companion and to support you in your performance.

Humour: Our credo – no day can pass without laughing at least once. Let us put a smile on your face.

Trust: Intensive exchange of experience requires trust. Just as we trust your feedback, you can rely on our solutions!

Made in Germany: We rely on regionality – which is why we have almost all components manufactured by local partners. This sustainably strengthens the region and protects the environment.

Humanity: No one is perfect and can do everything, not us either. However, our competencies complement each other in a team. We also strengthen each other through respect and appreciation.