TA20 | Built-in microphone system for accordion and harmonica

Microphone TA-20 for accordion and harmonica
There are now many built-in microphone systems for accordion and Styrian harmonica. But only the Rumberger TA20 fulfils the high quality demands that a professional musician or sound engineer requests from a good live microphone for accordion or harmonica. An absolutely even pickup of the treble and a powerful bass response are guaranteed – and no one can see that there is anything built into the instrument at all.
Depending on the size of the instrument, up to six microphone capsules ensure that the melody side of the accordion is evenly pickuped With the harmonica, this task is performed by seven microphone capsules arranged in parallel to ensure a high degree of uniformity over all three or four descant rows.
Dank unserer über 20-jährigen Erfahrung bei der Mikrofonierung von Akkordeons und Steirischen Harmonikas ist auch unser Einbaumikrofon TA20 extrem übersteuerungsfest. Auf der Bass-Seite kommt das bewährte Bassmikrofon SBE-2 aus unserem Mikrofon TA3000X zum Einsatz. Dieses in Kugelcharakteristik angeordnete Mikrofon ermöglicht eine absolut gleichmäßige und druckvolle Abnahme – und das bei nur einer Mikrofonkapsel für den gesamten Bassbereich. Die Verbindung zur Diskantseite wird über ein Spezialkabel durch den Balg hergestellt.
There are two ways to connect the accordion or harmonica to a sound system. A stereo socket is built into the instrument. If you connect a 6.3mm mono jack cable, the two signals of treble and bass are mixed together and output on one channel. A balance control on the bass side allows you to adjust the volume balance between melody and bass.

If you connect a Y-cable, i. e. the 6.3mm stereo jack plug on the instrument and two 6.3mm mono jack plugs on the mixer side, the two signals are output separately. The two signals can now be controlled via two different channels at the mixing console, e. g. the bass can be played “dry” and the treble can be equipped with a reverb effect.


The microphone is also ideally suited for wireless operation. Connect the jack plug of a conventional guitar wireless system to the instrument and you’re ready to go. The TA20 is powered by a 9V battery (lithium) which provides enough power for about 300 hours of play.

Of course in best quality, 100% Made in Germany – like all our products!
Balanceregler - LED-Anzeige - Klinkenbuchse


inconspicuous design
Single or two-channel operation possible
Pickup of treble and bass
lowest power consumption (approx. 300 hours of play)
ready for wireless operation
simplest usage
uniform sound pickup
extremely resistant to overload
balanced sound

Built-in microphone system TA20 - harmonica
Built-in microphone system TA20 - accordion

Technical data

Technical data Built-in-microfonsystem TA20
Powered by battery: 9V Lithiumbattery
Operating time: approx. 300 h.
Directional Pattern – Melody: Cardioid
Directional Pattern – Bass: Sphere
Transmission range – Melody 80 – 20.000 Hz
Transmission range – Bass: 30 – 20.000 Hz
Output-Impedance: 1 kΩ
Output-Level: max. 0 dBu
Weight: 158 g


On these sound demos you will hear the built-in microphone TA20 in various instruments. The signal was recorded without effect and with neutral sound settings on the mixing console.

Sound demos with Cassotto accordion in different styles

Sound demo with harmonica in flat beat

Sound demos with harmonica in fast beats

Prices TA20


Scope of delivery


TA20Built-in microphone TA20 Built-in microphone system for accordions, 9V lithium battery, manual 649,– €
TA20-HBuilt-in microphone TA20 Built-in microphone system for harmonicas, 9V lithium battery, manual 649,– €

recommended retail price incl. VAT


Possible applications

All accordions
(only conditionally, if blinds available!)
All harmonicas

For accordions

For harmonicas

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