Microphones for accordion and harmonica

Accordion and harmonica microphoning made easy – with the professional Rumberger microphone systems TA3000X, TA3000eco and TA20

How do I pickup the sound of an accordion or a harmonica reasonably when the musician moves back and forth on stage? And how do I get a powerful bass sound on an accordion when the bass part (even with a sitting player) is constantly moved away from the starting position up to 50 cm? There is only one professional solution for highest quality demands: Rumberger microphone systems for accordion and harmonica!

Advantages of the microphones TA3000X, TA3000eco and TA20 compared to conventional microphones

What are the advantages of our products compared to the usage of one or two condenser microphones?
Microphone TA3000X on harmonica

The perfect solution for every requirement

Of course, there are very different requirements for a good microphone for accordion. Since accordions and harmonicas sometimes have a five-digit price, not every musician would like to have such an instrument modified or adapted. However, our systems are designed in such a way that almost nothing has to be changed on the instrument and that all modifications can be undone without damage.

The following pickup possibilities are available:

  • Treble (outside) and bass (inside), optional clip-on microphone -> TA3000X
  • Only treble (outside) -> TA3000eco
  • treble and bass (both inside) -> TA20

No external intervention is visible in the case of a purely internal pickup as with the Rumberger TA20. Only a jack plug is installed to establish a connection to the sound system.

By a pickup of the treble side (TA3000X or TA3000eco) a microphone strip is attached to the hood. This makes a very harmonious appearance at most of the accordions and harmonicas and fit perfectly into the hood.

What is the difference between the TA3000X, TA3000eco and TA20 microphone systems?

An important difference lies in the type of assembly. The TA3000X microphone is mounted on the outside of the hood. The bass microphone is routed through the bellows via a special cable and then connected to the microphone bar on the treble side. The TA3000eco is a pure discant version, which is attached to the outside of the hood. The TA3000eco is visually almost identical to the TA3000X. The Rumberger TA20 is a variant for interior installation that is not visible from the outside.

Another difference lies in the sound of the microphones. The TA3000X is the high-end version – best sound quality due to the external pickup, sound optimization through built-in EQ’s and an extremely low structure-borne sound recording. The TA3000eco has the same sound characteristics – but only for the treble side. With the TA20, there is no sound optimization through EQs and no structure-borne sound attenuation. These optimizations must be made at the mixing console.

Our microphones for accordion and harmonica:

Microphone system Rumberger TA3000X on an accordion


Professional microphone system for accordion and harmonica
Rumberger TA3000eco professional treble microphone system for accordion and harmonica


Professional treble microphone system for accordion and harmonica


Professional treble microphone system for accordion and harmonica